Self made Image Viewer for Palm

İ-------Chinese Version
When I need a image viewer for my Palm m505, I didn't find a free-charge one on the Internet(Even in,right?).So I decided to write one by myself under GPL.I found a JpegLib for Palm to decode .jpg & .jpeg files and a zLib for Palm to decode .png files(but I haven't implement decoding part for png files.I'll do that in next version).

This is very simple application, but useful, I think.It just browses the SD card and show the .jpg & .png files. Then when you tap one and then show it in a new form.

In some next version, I intend to make a zoom in/out function, and users can move view area of an image with stylus,like how FireViewer does I liked.

Nowadays,this application is just like a shell of jpeglib and zLib,but I hope someday, through the effort from the fans of Palm handhelds, it will be a useful,powerful and efficient image viewer.

The program now is not written well, I'will improve it after.
Program Descption:
Required Libs:jpegpalm(,zLib)
Development Hardware:Thinkpad 600E(PII 400MHz 128MB)
Devlopment IDE:Palm OS Deveoper Suite(Version: Build ID: 19E_120GMC)
On the Offical site, it is recommended that developer use more than 512MB memory to run this IDE.So it is a terrible thing to use it on my poor Thinkpad 600E with 128MB.Now I feel hating less efficient Java running a little...
Destination:A free charge ImageViewer for PalmOS
Required OS: PalmOS4.1 or greater.

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By the way:do you know what is the meaning of 1de4?It pronounces "wonderful".
One of my cyber-friend told me that, I do think it is very COOL!So I use it as my CREATOR ID, and the name of my Palm program.

And if you find some grammer or other errors in my English descption, please tell me to correct it.Thank you:)
And I'm very sorry for my poor English.